Electronic Communication

Electronic communication has expanded over the course of history. The idea that people are able to be connected though different forms of media, whether it be though the telegraph or text messaging. As Volti states in chapter two, “technological changes, both major and minor, often lead to a restructuring of power relations, the redistribution of wealth and income, and the alteration of human relationships,” with the last effect being the most important in the influence of human behavior (Volti, 2011, Winners and Losers, 2). Social relationships and human behavior are intertwined, especially people’s desires for attention. Today, “there have never been more ways to communicate with one another” (Baym, 2015, New forms of personal connection, 1). Therefore, there are even greater opportunity to enhance relationships and alter how we are perceived. However, with the more ways to communicate and the ever-increasing capability to store information, there is a decrease in the need for memory and an increase in the need for attention from others.


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