Social Group: Teenagers

Social Group: Teenagers

Teenagers and young adults in today’s society are demonstrators of the social changes in social groups since the past. The group of teenagers in the Frontline documentary, “Generation Like,” showcases the importance of social media and attention in today’s teens. In “Generation Like” the focus was on how people are obsessed with receiving as many “likes” on social media platforms as they can. It was presented that “the more likes you have the better you feel” applying the aspect of instant gratification that millennials strive for when they post on social media. One example was one fan of “The Hunger Games” who shared “The Hunger Games” media on her social media platforms and in return, she received “sparks” for how many times she shared material and how many likes and shares she received. The more sparks the higher in rank. All the while, “The Hunger Games” campaign is getting their product out in the world. This company uses their fans to market, basically turning them into workers without pay. This is a concept that other companies utilize in order to spread their message. All of it is marketing and free marketing for companies. Therefore, the social group of “The Hunger Games” altered how the girl lived her daily life and what she desired. She worked hard to get more “sparks” and to move up in the leaderboard because the more you had the bigger a fan you were. She wanted to let everyone know that she was the biggest “Hunger Games” fan in the world and therefore, her behavior changed to accomplish this goal.

Follow the link to watch the Frontline documentary, “Generation Like”: 



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